Top Running Tips

If you would like your running career to be started, definitely it is a good idea to take a glance at this list of all-time best running tips. If you are not a beginner, but marathoner or a veteran – just relax, sit comfortably and compare your practical skills with this worldwide running wisdom. Let’s start!

To start out: Beginners Running Program

1. Time! Not distance

Great coaches always advise one thing: if you’re a beginner runner, don’t think about miles; you need to pay attention on minutes instead.

2. No fuss! (And no RO DUH!)

As usual, when we begin something exciting for us, we can do it for hours without any problems. But what about training? Should we exhaust ourselves in the chase of best records?

The science says «No». Don’t be a fanatic runner, think smart and increase your weekly distance gradually, about 10 percent per week or less. Otherwise, the risk of getting injuries increases.

3. Two-hour Rule

After eating wait at least two hours before a training session. It will help you avoid vomiting, bloating, abdominal cramps and other not so pleasant things. Just take a rest and let your food be properly digested, especially if you were pigging out on junk food.

4. «Nooner» mode

A famous runner and writer Joe Henderson suggests to include a noontime in your running training programme because of three reasons: the sunshine (if you’re lucky), workday break and a good possibility not to eat a heavy day meal.

5. Meet facing traffic

Now, a few words about safety. While running, watch the traffic instead of letting it come up from behind you. In some U.S. states, there are even special laws to run on the left side (sidewalks are OK).

6. Stretch warm muscles

Every running programme for beginners contains the idea of warming muscles before the stretching. Firstly, do some light jogging and only then start to stretch. Doing it with cold muscles can hurt you.

7. Do not forget about water

What can be more important for the runner than drinking enough water?! Even when it’s cold, especially when it’s hot. Anyway, you must hydrate yourself! Common rule says that you should drink as much water as you’ve lost while running. Every 15-20 minutes – 150-350 ml.

8. Credo creation

Almost all running race tips will be useless if you don’t have a strict credo like a Dr. Ernst van Aaken, one of the best German coaches, has: «Run slowly, run daily, drink moderately, and don’t eat like a pig. » Truly words to live by.

9. Slow down!

You have to understand that there is no reason to worry about your pace all the time. On lazy days, which always appear unexpectedly, just run to run – even as slow as you can. Each mile, as we know, burns about 100 calories, regardless of your pace.

10. Sweet dreams

As a runner, you must be sure to get adequate rest. For each mile per week that you train, add one extra minute of sleep per night. For example, if your average week distance is about 30 miles, stay in a bed for a half hour more each night. At least sleep for 7-8 hours, according to the doctor’s recommendations, and try to increase that amount if you’re running a lot.

11. Set a goal

Using races as motivators can be quite efficient. Because without a goal your training program can be hard to keep up with.

12. Don’t just run

Only running is not enough. Keep it in your mind and diversify your program with cross and weight-training. Balance in everything – this is the secret. Don’t concentrate all your efforts only on running, practice also biking or swimming, surfing or snowboarding. These activities will help to build supporting muscles that are useful for running; moreover, your core running muscles will take a rest.

Finish line!

These were some basic tips for running race that could help you to build a running career or just get pleasure out of it and improve your physique. Go for a goal, be patient, work hard and get inspiration from the greatest runners in history to do your best. Last but not least, running is a true lifestyle, a form of art; don’t think only about mechanics, it’s far more a magical process. Enjoy!