Runner and Her Practice: Paula Radcliffe

Paula_Radcliffe_London_Marathon_2015If you want to know an extra info or become interested in running, the best variant is to ask a professional runner. This is what we have done, asking a three-time marathon winner, holder of a world record in women’s marathons Paula Radcliffe for a piece of advice. She did her best to encourage other women to start running and gave some tips on how to start doing it even if you’re lazy bones.

Why Is It Such An Important Thing?

Sometimes there’re more reasons that intimidate women, so they decide not to start running. The best way is to introduce running to them in all its’ aspects and show something like a ‘wannabe goal’, for example, Morrison’s Great Run. After some time most of them may find running a wonderful thing.

As an ambassador for the Great Run Series, Paula Radcliffe gave the following running tips for beginners.

  • 1. Just do it! Getting up and just doing something without some ‘special purpose’ can be difficult thing for some people to do. Don’t hesitate! Don’t practice just because you have to; find something that inspires you to run, because when you’re at high spirits, your muscles don’t feel tired.
  • 2. Balance your diet. One of running race tips, that someone might consider unimportant, may greatly influence your progress. Think of how much nutrition and hydration do you need to feel fine while training. If necessary, consult with specialists.
  • 3. Set a goal and go to it, but don’t increase trainings immediately, give yourself some time to get used. When you have a fixed goal, which can be some amount of kilometers run or body tonus or anything else, you become more confident in your trainings too.
  • 4. According to running programme for beginners, better don’t increase the distance you’re running more than +10% a week. Rapid increase can damage your joints and muscles.
  • 5. If you’re too lazy to make yourself running regularly, find yourself a group. It may consist of your friends, who are also interested in running or you can also make new friends in local running club. You’ll motivate each other and achieve bigger goals together.
  • 6. Visit a running store. There’re different running styles, so check which one is the most comfortable for you, and then choose running shoes that will be appropriate for your style. Make sure you feel comfortable in your kit. If there are any questions, you can always ask specialists that work in the store.
  • 7. Don’t stay at one running training programme, mix everything up. In order to have better results, you need easier and longer runs, and also faster, but shorter ones. As a start, choose beginners running programme.

Runner Diet

It goes without saying, that if you start doing sports, you lose more energy than usually. That’s why you have to slightly increase the amount of carbohydrate and protein and also think of the timings.
Your eating hours will somehow depend on the time of your trainings. Make sure to eat in at least two hours before you go training. There’s also a ‘window’ that lasts up to 30 minutes after the training, when you can eat something small with protein and carbohydrates in it. This will help you to recover, because this window is the best time to ‘feed’ your tired muscles.

How many times do beginners have to go training?

Paula advises to start with one practice a week. This would be pretty enough if you’re a newbie, but after some time you will increase the amount of trainings little by little. When you’re preparing for 10 km run, tips for running race are the following: you can practice two or even three times a week, and do some stretching and strength workouts the other days.

How to avoid injuries?

One of the most important things is stretching. If your muscles aren’t stretched enough, you can damage them while training. Also make sure your core is strong enough, do abdominal exercises in order to gain more power for your body, because if your muscles don’t fire well, you’ll get tired really fast.
One more thing is feet exercises; there’re people who never pay attention to their feet muscles, but those need some training too. Try balancing on one foot while washing your face or brushing your teeth.