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Runner and his practice: Emil Zatopek

Talking about running training programme, we cannot forget to mention Emil Zatopek, who was one of the pioneers of interval training. This man is a great source for tips for running race. He was an athlete from Czechoslovakia, and he is known for winning three gold medals for 5 km, 10 km and marathon in […]

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Runner and Her Practice: Paula Radcliffe

If you want to know an extra info or become interested in running, the best variant is to ask a professional runner. This is what we have done, asking a three-time marathon winner, holder of a world record in women’s marathons Paula Radcliffe for a piece of advice. She did her best to encourage other […]

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Top Running Tips

If you would like your running career to be started, definitely it is a good idea to take a glance at this list of all-time best running tips. If you are not a beginner, but marathoner or a veteran – just relax, sit comfortably and compare your practical skills with this worldwide running wisdom. Let’s […]

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